Whether you are looking for an 'all inclusive' plan that will cover all your regular appointments and treatments or whether you prefer to just cover your regular appointments and pay separately for treatment when it's needed, Denplan has a product to suit your needs.


For details of each of the products and to find out which one will suit you best then please click on the appropriate link on this page or visit Denplan's website.

Denplan Excel Accreditation has been awarded to us as a demonstration of our commitment to contiunally providing quality treatment. This programme improves communication between the patient and dentist and enables us to fully discuss your options and take your wishes and opinions into account when deciding upon the best course of treatment for your dental needs.   


Every year we assess key aspects of your dental health using the Denplan Oral Health Score. This enables us to monitor your oral health and produces an overall score out of 100. The higher your score, the better your oral health.


This process is ongoing and your score will be updated annually. This helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment provided and also helps you understand how your oral health is changing.


Every 18 months an independent dental advisor will visit the practice to ensure that all the standards of the programme are being met. These visits are unique to the Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme and provide assurance that you are receiving the best care and service available and that we are committed to an ongoing programme of improvement.


As part of the programme patient satisfaction surveys are conducted regularly and you may be invited to take part. These surveys, the largest undertaken in the dental profession, are managed by an independent market research company and are completely confidential. The results and feedback will be used to further improve our services.


Questions about Denplan?

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